ACCEL 172073K 8.8mm Black Custom Fit Spark Plug Wire Set


ACCEL 8.8mm Black Custom Fit Spark Plug Wire Sets come ready to install with high-capacity spiral-core conductors, fiberglass-braid covers, and extra-thick black silicone jackets. They feature factory-installed positive-locking stainless steel terminals with high-dielectric-strength silicone boots for optimum insulation on the plug end and high-conductivity brass terminals on the coil end. Engineered for street or race applications, these custom-fit wire sets are ideal for Electra Glides, FLFBs, FLHBs, FLHFBs, FLHFs, Super Glides, and Low Riders. Each set comes with a complete hardware kit and easy-to-follow instructions.

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  • Ready to install with high capacity spiral core conductors fiberglass braid covers and extra thick silicone jackets
  • Plug boots are made from high dielectric strength silicone and have factory installed positive locking stainless steel terminals
  • High conductivity brass terminals on the coil end
  • Ideal for 1964 and 1970 to 1978 Electra Glides 1965 to 1969 FLFBs 1965 to 1969 FLHBs 1965 to 1969 FLHFBs 1970 to 1972 FLHFs 1971 to 1978 Super Glides and 1977 to 1978 Low Riders
  • Comes complete with a hardware kit and easy to follow instructions