Antigravity Batteries AT7B-BS RS Lithium Ion Battery w/BMS and Re-Start Technology – Fits All Ducati Panigale Models – Replaces YT7B-BS, YT9B-BS


  • Introducing Built-In Jump Starting! – Never be stranded by a dead battery again with our “RE- START” Technology! No Jump Starter or Jumper Clamps needed! Simply press the RE-START Button on the Battery, start your vehicle and drive away! A Remote RE-START accessory is also available so you do not have to access the battery to trigger the RE-ST
  • Best in Class Lithium Performance – Our Lithium Batteries offer up to 200% larger Lithium Battery Packs inside than our competitors of the same Group Size! This means more Cranking Amps and Amp Hours which results in many more Starts, better Cold Weather Starting, and leaves the Lead Acid and Lithium competition in the dust. No false or inflated Cranking Amps as some Competitors claim. Used by the Top Professionals and World Championship winning Rac
  • Ultimate Protection Battery Management System BMS – The maximum in Lithium Battery Safety! Cell Balancing plus full protections from Over-Charge, Over-Discharge, Over Temperature, and much more for the most reliability and longest service life in the ind
  • Accurate and Easy Fitment – Uses true “OEM” Case Sizes for a drop-in fit. Comes with a Quad 4 Terminal design for the most flexible, accurate and easy battery fitment. Fits both right and left hand Polarity connections, simply turn the battery 180 degrees to change Terminal Polarity orientation. Uses True-fit OEM type Square Terminals for proper fitment in y
  • Maximum-Speed Charging – Offers the fastest charging available and can be recharged in minutes. Offers 5x faster charging than Lead Acid batteries, and the fastest Lithium Chargin
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