CargoSmart X-Track Trailer Essentials Kit (10pc)



  • GET ORGANIZED: The X-Track Ultimate Garage Kit has everything you need to get started organizing and storing your equipment and gear in your enclosed garage using the innovative X-Track organizational system.
  • INCLUDES: The durable, rust and corrosion-resistant X-track ultimate garage kit includes: four, 24” black matte X-Track Rails, three dual arm tool hooks, two large flat hooks and two dual arm hooks.
  • 24” X-TRACK RAILS: X-Track Rails provide a strong, useful and easy way to securely hold cargo, tools and equipment. Predrilled ¼” holes allow for installation in a variety of substrates, including wood and drywall. Attachment hardware required.
  • VERSATILE HOOKS: Easy to connect to the X-Track rail, solid steel dual arm tool hooks, large flat hooks and dual arm hooks are great for holding ladders, long handled tools and other larger utility items in enclosed garages.
  • NOT ONE SIZE FITS ALL: X-Track rails and accessories enable you to customize an organizational solution for storing cargo and tools throughout your trailer, garage or workshop. Use hooks, baskets, anchor points, straps and more to create a system that works for you.