DRIVEN Quick Spray Concentrate


DRIVEN Quick Spray Concentrate is the first of its kind in the industry. This highly concentrated, biodegradable solution, not only cleans water spots, it brightens and enhances the finish while strengthening Driven’s legendary non-stick protection with each application. It’s also remarkably economical. Just add water and make 1 gallon of fluid for every pint of concentrate. Once activated by water, this unique formulation works by combining biodegradable cleaners, the power of citrus, and a full spectrum of essential polymers and oils. Driven’s high lubricity formula actually encapsulates water spots, dust particles, fingerprints and other fresh surface contaminants, allowing them to be wiped away without streaking. Unlike other “Water Spot Removers”, Driven Quick Spray Concentrate will not strip polish or wax. And it won’t stain rubber or vinyl. Quite the contrary, this formula deepens and enriches all hard surfaces, adding brilliance and protection to your finish. Driven Quick Spray Concentrate was designed for use on relatively fresh surface contaminants. For extremely dirty surfaces, use Driven Wash Concentrate. For much heavier buildup and oxidation use Driven Finish Restorer or Driven Extreme Duty Glass Cleaner. Always keep your finish sealed with Driven Premium Polymer Polish for best results. DRIVEN – The Ultimate Protection Against Nature’s Elements.TM

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  • Safe for all Automotive and Marine Finishes
  • Cleans Fresh Surface Contaminants
  • Brightens and Enhances all Finishes
  • Increases Non – Stick Performance
  • Removes Hard Water Spots