Fastway System 3 Steering Stabilizer


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System 3 Stabilizer:

Gives riders the freedom of three easy-to-adjust circuits. These three adjustments allow you to fine-tune the steering on your bike or quad to fit your riding style or terrain. The Low and High speed circuits are at your fingertips and adjustable on-the-fly. Fastway stabilizers reduce impact over choppy terrain, control high-speed head shake, and reduce arm pump and rider fatigue.

  • 1)LOW SPEED Adjustment on the FLY: Controls the resistance level when turning the handlebars at low speeds – such as when cornering or making corrections when going straight.
  • 2)HIGH SPEED Adjustment on the FLY: Controls the dampers response to high-speed impacts such as roots, rocks, ruts and hard hits. Lowers the force of hard impacts that are transmitted to the rider, and helps reduce rider fatigue.
  • 3)RETURN TO CENTER: Controls the resistance level of the handlebar when returning to the center position from either side – resulting in more control over the vehicle’s ability to hold its line.
  • Note: Requires bike specific mounting hardware.