Husky HB4500 4500 lbs. Brute Power Jack, Hammer Gray Finish


Husky 87247 Brute Electric Jack

We call our HB4500 power jack the Brute for good reasons. It has the brute strength to lift your trailer tongue safely and with much less effort, and the brute toughness to do it time after time, year after year.

A 6-inch adjustable drop down leg provides extended adjustment for a variety of terrains. The Brute also features a full 2-1/4-inch main tube, which is designed to fit most A-frame couplers. The Brute’s motor is powerful and efficient, providing a full 4,500 pounds of continuous lifting capacity, which is an excellent benefit when setting up weight distribution hitches. In addition, Brute’s moderate gear reduction produces a fast travel speed of 10 inches in as little as is 38 seconds, with a full range of 18 inches.

Lift efficiency is also aided by the Brute’s ball screw design, which reduces friction with ball bearings that roll through the threads on the Brute’s shaft and nut, which means the motor works less, draws less amperage, creates less heat and produces less noise. The ball screw design greatly increases motor and jack life.

Brute’s SmartStop technology senses the limits of the jack’s range and shuts down the motor without the hard mechanical stop common with other units. Plus, a 3-Sided LED Light System illuminates the entire working area, including the hitch head and weight distribution brackets on the A-frame.


  • Powered trailer jack with 4,500 pound rating, 12-volt operation, hardened steel gears, and soldered connections
  • 18-inch full stroke with 6-inch adjustable drop-down leg reduces time to set jack and reduces wear on motor
  • 3-sided LED light system to illuminate hitch and spring bar area
  • Features a friction-reducing ball screw, usually only found in more expensive jacks
  • Weather-resistant trailer connector storage bracket with durable hammer gray finish