ILM Air Flow Leather Motorcycle Gloves for Men and Women (M/L/XL, Black)


  • The design of GRC01 Gloves is Inspired by Professional Racing Gloves.
  • Retained Most of Functions of Professional Racing Gloves, GRC01 Gloves Applies to Daily Life, and Also Provides a Comfortable Feeling.
  • External Protection Shell for Knuckles, Palm, Fingers, Back and Side of the Hands
  • Double Leather Layer and Additional Foam on the Areas Exposed to Abrasion in a Crash Situation (such as palm, cuff, fingers and etc.)
  • Better Protecting Hands from Shocks and Abrasions on Tarmac
  • Optimal Breathability with Air Channels on the Gloves
  • Keep Warm and Breathable at the Same Time
  • Hard Elements Wrapped inside the Protection Shells
  • Ergonomically Designed Shape with Goat Leather, Offering Better Feeling on the Handlebars
  • Finger Stitch Seamed Outside the Gloves
  • Being comfortable to wear
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  • Air Flow System: Optimal breathability through air channels positioned on the top of the hand. Leather is also perforated in specific places for optimal air flow without compromising on leather solidity.
  • 360° Protection: External protection shell for scaphoid, metacarpals, palm, fingers and side of the hand. The ILM GRC01 features for a better shock absorption and a better comfort by suppressing all hard elements inside the protection shells
  • Multiple Reinforcements: Made with doubled leather layer and additional foam on areas exposed to abrasion in a crash situation (palm, cuff, fingers). The positioning of these elements has been designed to protect hands from shocks but also from long abrasions on tarmac
  • Better Comfort: The goat leather and the pre-shaping offers a high level of feeling on the handlebars. Finger stitch seams positioned on the outside, for better comfort