LEER Latitude Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover, 2013+ Nissan Frontier Bed Size 6′ 1″ (Latitude SC)


The LEER Latitude is designed to be one of the most user-friendly tonneau covers on the market today. One person can quickly and easily install or remove Latitude from a truck bed.

Step 1: Place Cover on Truck Bed

Begin by placing the folded Latitude cover at the cab end of the truck bed.

Step 2: Secure Cover to Truck Bed

Hand tighten the clamps to the bed rails until they are secure.

Step 3: Install Latch Plates

Install the striker plates using the supplied allen wrench.


Beveled edges allow Latitude to shed water easily, while cushioned seals and fabric extensions around the perimeter provide a tight and secure fit.


The LEER-exclusive CYNC Latch allows you to easily open the cover with the pinch of two fingers and from either side of the truck bed.


Rounded corners and double stitching give Latitude reinforced strength and a custom fit.


Traveling with the cover is safe and easy with security straps located at the front of the bed.



  • AMERICA’S #1 TRUCK COVER*: One of the features that our customers love about our top rated tonneau truck covers are they are user-friendly and EASY to install! With it’s no-drill design, one person can quickly and easily install and remove this soft truck bed cover from their truck bed
  • EXCLUSIVE CYNCⓇ LATCHING SYSTEM ALLOWS FOR ONE-HAND OPENING: This exclusive cync latching system that is only found on the LEER brand truck covers, is mounted near the tailgate for easy access. It allows you to open the cover with one hand.
  • STURDY TRUCK BED COVER: The Latitude SC Soft Trifold Tonneau cover is made with 21 oz, triple layer twill vinyl sail cloth, which is built to last for years to come
  • DESIGNED TO STAY IN PLACE & PROTECT TRUCK BED FROM WATER: Self tensioning frame helps keep the truck bed cover in place. Also includes support framework with rounded corners and beveled edges to keep water out of the truck bed
  • VERSATILE – INCLUDES EXTRA SECURITY BUCKLES: This truck cover is designed to use either open or closed. It includes extra security buckles that allow you to travel with the truck cover open, while still keeping it secure