SMARTSTRAPS 14-Foot Premium Ratchet Straps (4pk)


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  • STRENGTH FOR HEAVY-DUTY LOADS: For loads hauled in a large pickup or medium trailer, these SmartStraps ratchet straps have a safe work load of 1,000lbs and break strength of 3,000lbs.
  • USER-FRIENDLY RATCHET STRAPS: Robust flared out aluminum handle with padded grip and release pawl provide extra grip strength and leverage, and pre-threaded webbing helps prevent accidentally feeding the webbing into the ratchet mechanism from the wrong direction.
  • PREVENT DAMAGE TO CARGO: Made with SmartWeb Technology for webbing that is stronger and more abrasion resistant than standard webbing. Also includes protective hex caps to keep ratchet mechanism clean and sewn-in soft tie loops to prevent scratching.
  • CONVENIENT SECURING STRAP AND PACKAGING: Securing strap makes it easy to tie off excess webbing and to keep your straps bundled after use. Our innovative, reusable EcoCase packaging also allows for simple storage.
  • EXTRA-LONG WEBBING: Extra-long webbing gives you more leeway when trying to access hard to reach anchor points and allows you to properly secure large items like refrigerators.