YAKIMA – BigCatch Kayak Fishing Boat Saddles for Roof Racks and Trailers


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BUILT FOR BIG BOATS: Specially designed to support the extra weight of fishing and sit-on-top kayaks; 150 lb. capacity – enough for the heaviest fishing kayaks
FULL-CONTACT CARRY: Oversized cradle protects the boat and conforms to a variety of hull shapes; Soft rubber pads protect the kayak from dings and scratches; Felt pads for easy kayak loading
EASY TO INSTALL: Simple, tool-free attachment for easy installation, removal, and adjustment; Includes heavy-duty straps and bow and stern tie-towns
UNIVERSAL MOUNTING HARDWARE: Fits all Yakima crossbars, factory bars, aerodynamic bars and aftermarket bars; Roof rack required
IF YOU HAVE T-SLOT CROSSBARS: If your vehicle is outfitted with T-slot crossbars, don’t forget the Yakima SmarT-Slot Kit 4 (sold separately)