Zero Gravity Double Bubble Windscreen


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The Zero Gravity Double Bubble has changed the face of the sportbike industry. This innovative “bubble within a bubble” concept was pioneered by Zero Gravity and has pushed modern day race bikes to their peak performance level. From Zero Gravity’s first inception of a performance windscreen, the Double Bubble is Zero Gravity’s version of the now popular “stepped profile” design, pioneered by Zero Gravity Racing in the mid-90’s.

Sculpted to the sport bike’s distinctive futuristic lines, the Zero Gravity Double Bubble enhances the bike’s race look while providing added aerodynamics.

  • Best optics of any windscreen on the market.
  • All are fabricated using highly specialized blow-molding techniques similar to those used to form aircraft canopies; the result is virtually distortion-free optics.
  • Made from the finest grade of acrylic plastic.
  • Each windscreen is stretched as it is formed, a process which results in superior strength and flexibility; this flexibility allows the windscreen to absorb road vibrations and resist cracking.
  • Factory drilled holes and profiles that match your O.E.M. fairing for a precision fit.
  • Used by the best Superbike, Grand Prix, Supersport and Endurance teams in America, Zero Gravity windscreens dominate road racing.

Measurements Explained:

  • A: The total length from the nose to the highest trailing center edge.
  • B: From a flat surface to the highest trailing center edge.
  • C: The total width from the widest trailing edge of the screen.